An introduction to DJ Models

Hello and welcome to the launch of an exciting NEW model railway company.

We will be announcing our first models at 11.00 (BST) on Saturday 7th September 2013, please return to the site then and use the tabs at the top of the screen to see our exciting announcements and the latest progress.

Starting from a blank canvas and using the best design, and modelling techniques currently in use for ready to run model locomotives, I intend to produce a raft of models over the next few years with my desire for innovation, and forward thinking put into each and every model I make.

For example, all models will have 100% spares available at launch for each model, and these will be readily viewable through a break down schematic for each part (which will be numbered) on a comprehensive instruction sheet included with each model and online.

Each model will feature on the ‘timeline’ page which will show you when every process from start to shipping has taken place, and even give you the ship name so those that are able can track its progress from China to the UK on their computer. This way we will be very open about delivery dates and not give ‘hopeful’ ideas to dates to keep you dangling.

Where possible, all locomotives will now have a close coupling mechanism as standard in both N and OO gauges.

In co-operation with my distributor, each model locomotive will be personally hand checked by me for running ability, wobble, back to backs, lighting etc., before being sent out  to the customer, so that when you receive your DJM locomotive you can be as sure as can be that it is in good health straight out of the box.

Electrical PCB boards will be designed by ourselves knowing the electronic signatures of the coreless motors we will use with every model so that components for the PCB boards can be purchased and fitted to match perfectly.

We have also agreed with that fantastic weathering company, Mercig Studios, that from now on they will only produce weathered masters exclusively for DJM, while also producing his masterpieces for his existing and new individual customers.

Special commissions can also be considered as we have plentiful factory capacity, and hold ups/delays should be a thing of the past.

Production for all the models you see here will not take place overnight, but rest assured , as you can see by the finished and almost finished cad/cam designs within, I am deadly serious about my work.

Please take a look at the rest of the web site and feel free to comment where you think it can be improved etc. Also if you have any suggestions I would be only to glad to hear them, although work load might preclude a quick response to them.

Thank You


Dave Jones
DJModels Ltd